• Stacey Wang Leather Goods New Collection

    Retro Gentleman Leather Bow Tie

    With the use of fine leather imported all the way from New York and Italy, Stacey plays with the crucial final touch to all retro gentlemen style – the bow tie.

    The brand focuses on expressing the beauty of leather’s moldable nature, Stacey Wang Leather Goods’ bow ties are handmade and, with finest leather only. The leather is folded, twisted, overlaid and sewed carefully; the delicate texture and exquisite lines of fine leather accompanied with paint-on color block design, it’s all about having fun while keeping the old-fashioned gentlemen’s spirit and, the purity and essence of an artisan.

    Apart from the classic plain color leather design, a love for prints and floral has been unfolding amongst the world of fashion. Hesitate not and try on the new bow tie made of imported floral prints leather, a single, strong piece of accessory is worth a thousand words on a party.




    Industrial Style Leather Bracelets

    With old, rough metal bolts and soft, colorful leather weaved together, industrial style leather bracelets creates the rigid and lithe contrast on the look. It’s a neutral design that will suit both sexes’ taste and, with one of leather’s most fascinating characteristic, it will change its feel and look according to the wearer’s habit as time pass. At last! A piece that is as unique as you are.



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