• Stacey Wang Brand Spirit and Brand Story


    Designer Stacey Wang graduated from Parsons New School of Design in New York, her brand emphasizes on the moldable nature, flexibility, folds and the delicate sewing of leather as a fabric and material. Stacey Wang works on these features to create different forms of leather accessory, the simplicity of lines in her design is silent but powerful.

    She weaves in the old-fashioned gentlemen vibe that she loved so much into her design and, Modern Classic was also a style that’s very influential to her works. Stacey’s ultimate goal is to help both men and women find their own distinctive style and, have a little fun while discovering through her collection. 

    設計師Stacey Wang於紐約Parsons設計學院畢業,創立同名品牌Stacey Wang Leather Goods皮製品,在商品中發揮皮革高度的可塑造性,以摺疊、塑型、編織、縫製等多重工法,創造出不同形態的皮件配飾,線條簡約低調但擲地有聲。Stacey將紐約老派復古的紳士精神運用在設計中,她熱愛摩登經典Modern Classic的現代風格,也希望無論男女,都能在她的設計中找到專屬於自己的穿搭樂趣。


    Stacey Wang Leather Goods Brand story

    In 2013, the first bow tie made by Stacey was a wedding gift to her brother, as a commemoration of their time as housemates and, to mark the milestone is his life. But it was also the start of something wonderful, a Taiwanese design of good quality leather accessories. With serendipity Stacey has found what she can give to the Taiwanese fashion scene, high quality leather designs made with dedication and artisan spirit. The same year Stacey Wang Leather Goods was established and so a new chapter begins.

    2013年,設計師Stacey Wang為了替即將邁入人生下一階段的哥哥送上祝福,以擅長的皮件設計製作了皮領結作為結婚禮物。這個皮領結是一個開端,有感於老派紳士風潮在全球已成為顯學,台灣卻沒有太多品質良好且有設計感的皮件飾品選擇,Stacey Wang於同年創立了Stacey Wang Leather Goods,繼續以漂亮的皮革製作實用的商品,也替台灣皮件飾品市場注入一股清新的職人力量。



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