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  • Stacey Wang Leather Goods New Collection

    Retro Gentleman Leather Bow Tie With the use of fine leather imported all the way from New York and Italy, Stacey plays with the crucial final touch to all retro gentlemen style – the bow tie. The brand focuses on expressing the beauty of leather’s moldable nature, Stacey Wang Leather Goods’ bow ties are handmade and, with finest leather only. The leather is folded, twisted, overlaid and sewed carefully; the delicate texture and exquisite lines of fine leather accompanied with paint-on color block design, it’s all about having fun while keeping the old-fashioned gentlemen’s spirit and, the purity and essence...

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  • Inspiration for Leather Bow Tie.

    Every prooduct  has a story behind it, and there's one behind leather bow tie.  The leather bow tie it's a blessing for her brother's wedding.  And she continues to create different style of bow tie, because she simple wants to pass the blessing around the world.            Here's the original article, for those who can read Chinese.    "史小姐有一個身分特殊的室友。 同住一個屋簷下,因為作息的不同,其實很少見到面。他是個不錯的室友,有禮貌,愛乾淨,總是坐在餐桌上做自己的事。偶爾會唸個幾句,但安靜的時候居多,有點少年老成的感覺。唯一的缺點,應該就是他很愛吃史小姐的零食,然後都不補。總讓史小姐在半夜時,很想把他挖起來興師問罪一番。就這樣,我們一起生活了兩年,中間經歷過好多大大小小的事情,平常不多話的他,總是會在我最需要他的時候出聲。他有娃娃臉,所以大家都覺得史小姐比較老。雖然史小姐不認為。也常被認為是史小姐的男朋友 哈哈有娃娃臉的他,要結婚了。嘴巴沒有說,但是心裡是最誠實的,gentlemen領結的誕生,似乎是對這件事情留下最真實的證據,也是我給你最大的祝福! 這也代表著,我們的室友身份即將結束,那些深夜的談心, 還有總會留一盞燈給晚歸的史小姐,都變成最感動的回憶了。心裡有不捨,但是我們本來就會往不同的方向前進。祝福這個身分特殊的室友--史小姐的哥哥。永遠永遠幸福快樂"

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