This collection was deeply inspired by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. Zaha Hadid gave architecture a new expressive identity. She was known to constantly push the boundaries of materials and ultimately the form of buildings.

Stacey Wang approaches her first women’s collection in a similar way by pushing the limits of leather and leather making techniques.

Most regard leather as a flat material. Stacey transforms leather from a 2-dimensional surface into distinct 3-dimensional jewelry.

After many years as a men’s leather accessories designer, known for unique and clever bowties, Stacey launches a collection for women in 3-dimensional leather and gold. Applying the art technique trompe l'oeil, the jewelry is quickly finding new fans who love it for the ability to be seen differently from all angles as in architecture.

商品中發揮皮革的各種特性,以摺疊、塑型、編織、縫製等多重工法,打破皮件平面的刻板印象,創造出不同樣貌的立體皮件首飾配飾,線條簡約低調但擲地有聲。Stacey將老派復古的精神運用在設計中,交織著她熱愛的20世紀抽象藝術,以及同樣對材質和形態著迷的首位女性普利茲克建築獎(Pritzker Architecture Prize ) 得主建築師扎哈 哈蒂(Zaha hadid )大膽嘗試和實驗的精神,將之與現今的鴻溝中運用設計搭建一座橋樑,在虛擬的世代,以實體的溫度感受經典與創新的化學作用。